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We Love Wool

Natural, breathable and sustainable, Our Wooly Hobes are filled to the brim with the finest Australian Merino lambswool. Our founder Georgia shares some snaps from a recent trip to the Hobes family farm in country Victoria - a little insight to where Wooly Hobe life begins.

As a keen supporter of the Campaign for Wool, and in celebration of Wool Week this year, over the coming week we'll be talking all about the unique properties of wool, and the qualities that make up this incredible fibre. A completely natural material, wool is also sustainable and breathable, so not only does wool keep you warm, but as a multi-climatic fibre, it also keeps you cool in winter. Which means, Wooly Hobes year round! By retaining a small amount of its natural oil (which we know as lanolin), wool is also basically self cleaning, it resists dirt, and controls scent - which combined with its breathability means your Wooly Hobes will be kept nice and fresh for years to come - no washing required.

Australia is the number one producer of wool in the world, and we can confidently say that the Merino lambswool that goes into our Wooly Hobes is the softest and most luxurious Australian wool available. To learn more about wool and for more information on the Campaign for Wool, visit

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