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Gavin Moseley, Founder of The Garret

Meet our new #hobesguy, and guy to know, Gavin Moseley. As owner of The Garret West and The Garret East he already has some major wins under his belt and as far as we know, he isn’t stopping anytime soon. A man-about-town and an expert in hospitality Gavin was an easy pick for our most recent ‘Hobes Guys’ feature. Not only does he make the dreaded cross-town trek multiple times a week from Garret East to West, but he’s generally all over the place - and on his feet all day - so he needs easy everyday basics to take him from day to night, and work to play. We kit him out with some of our new Men's Hobes and snapped some pics of Gav in his natural habitat.

@mgavinm | @thegarretbar |

Gavin wears the Men's Hobe in Navy.

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