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International Women's Day

To celebrate the women in our lives and women around the world, we brought together a group of New Yorkers, some #hobesgirls and #hobesguys , to ask what International Women's Day really means to them. We captured their responses above. And below, a collection of polaroids, including some of words used by the group to reflect women today. 

 Bridget Fleming, Photographer
"International Women's Day is a day to celebrate women's success to date" 

Margot Pascal - Designer, Manufacture Pascal
"As a mother I want to raise my two little boys in a way that they respect and understand the importance of women in our society" 

Nicole Najafi - Founder, Industry Standard
"It's a day to pay tribute to all the women in our lives" 

Maud Heline - Designer, Maud Heline
"if women didn’t still suffer, there wouldn’t be an International Women’s Day" 

Rachael Yaeger - Founder, Human NYC
"International Women's Day is important to me because it gives me a chance to think about being a woman"

Quincy Moore - Founder, Knowlita
"It's important to consider each other as equals" 

Gavin Moseley - Owner, The Garret
"It's a movement that inspires, creates, and shares a greater voice"

Huston Conti - Co-Founder, Shoes of NYC
"It's another reminder of how priceless the women in our lives are" 


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