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Kindah Khalidy

We have teamed up with San Francisco based artist and textile designer Kindah Khalidy to bring to you our latest Hobes project, The Kindah Hobe. Kindah Khalidy’s work is our current obsession, stretching across painting, sculptures and textiles, this multidisciplinary artist brings to us a collection of bright, colourful and happy pieces of work that you can’t help but love.  

We have been lucky enough to partner with Kindah to create a Hobe, where we have quite literally brought Kindah’s abstract and shape driven art to the soles of the shoes, teamed with a two-toned soft suede upper of Ice Blue and Dove Grey, accompanied by a spare pair of contrasting laces to add to the fun! We chat to Kindah about her art, inspiration and her plans for the future.


When did you begin painting?
I started painting and drawing at an early age. My brother and I were always drawing growing up. My mom is an artist and when I was a baby she’d put my crib in her studio while she painted, and as I got older I became really curious about the process.


What are the mediums/processes for your work?
I work in a lot of different media, because I love using so many different textures. I’m getting back into using glitter… it’s mostly acrylics and hand painted textiles.


What inspires you?
I love when people do funny and ingenious things, and they have no idea. A lot of my favorite paintings are the buff art around the Bay Area. 


Who is your favourite artist?
I don’t have one favorite, but at the top of my list is Francis Bacon.


Five things you couldn’t live without?
Color, paint, sunglasses, my dogs, and French fries.


Plans for the future?
To get older and make more work!

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