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How do I make a return/exchange?
Please visit our returns page for information on how to exchange or return your Hobes.

Do Hobes have arch support?
Hobes are produced with unlined leather (or microfibre for our Non Leather range) and are designed to be lightweight and soft. Without lining, the shoes are flexible and unstructured. All styles apart from The Chelsea Boot are flat, there is little arch support, but there is cushioning in the innersole so they are incredibly comfortable.

Can you wear orthotics with Hobes?
If you wear orthotics, we would recommend The Chelsea Boot or The Original Hobe. These styles have a higher cut than our other styles and will allow for the additional space required for orthotics. We also recommend rubber orthotics, as opposed to plastic, as this could damage the leather/suede.

How do I clean my Hobes?
Please visit our Hobes Care Guide for instructions on how to clean your Hobes.

Do Hobes suit wide or narrow feet?
Yes! Our Hobes have a very soft upper structure, which means they will mould and shape around your foot, whether they be narrow or wide. If your feet are on the wider side, we recommend our Point Hobe style. If your feet are very narrow, we suggest a laced style (The Boat Hobe, The Original The Wooly Hobe) so you can ensure a snug fit.

Do you have stockists?
Hobes are available solely through our online store.

Do you wholesale your products?
No, we do not wholesale. By eliminating wholesale, and removing brick and mortar expenses, we are able to keep costs low and sell direct.

Do you custom make shoes/sizes to order?
At this time we are unable to produce custom orders. Our Hobes have been designed to be incredibly soft and as we use unlined leather for the shoe upper, the Hobes will give, loosen up and mould to your foot with wear. So far we are yet to meet a foot that does not fit our Hobes! For further information on sizing and fit, please view the size guide here and note size comments on each product page.

What do I do if an item is out of stock?
If we are out of stock in your size and we are planning to re-order this style, you will find an enquiry form on the product page. Please submit an enquiry here and we will let you know as soon as your size is back in stock. If there is no re-order form on the product page, this means we will not be re-stocking the style.

Please feel free to contact us at for any further product questions.

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