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Hobes Care

All Hobes are made with the finest quality, softest natural fibres available and should be a firm fit to begin with. They are designed to mould to your foot and will naturally loosen up with wear. Think of them like wearing a sock, and equate the fit to that if you’re not sure how they should feel. Please note slight marks and variation in surface texture are not flaws, but simply exist as part of the nature of various leathers.

Looking after your Hobes will ensure they live a long and happy life. Before wearing, all Hobes MUST be sprayed with leather / suede protector. This will provide a protective coating to help repel any liquids and keep your Hobes looking their best. And you can re-spray every couple of months if you like! Suede can be kept fresh with a suede brush, which can also help clean surface dirt and marks. 

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