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Hi, we're Hobes!

We're all about footwear basics.

Top quality pieces that fit into your every day with ease. We're about simplicity and paring back.

We're also about travel. Producing lightweight, incredibly soft and highly versatile footwear you'll never want to leave home without.

Don't believe us??

"Received my Hobes yesterday. They fit perfectly and look fabulous! They are simply the BEST and I honestly live in them every day. I am now officially obsessed."
- Annie, Hobes customer

The Boat Hobe.

The shoe to take you everywhere and anywhere. A true wardrobe essential at $149.

The Boat Hobe in Blush

The Boat Hobe in Cool Grey

The Boat Hobe in Beach

The Boat Hobe in Dove

The Boat Hobe in Peach

The Boat Hobe in Latte

See the range.

The Point Hobe in White

The Original Hobe in Tan

The Chelsea Boot in Stone

The Wooly Hobe in Blush