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Production & Materials


Hobes are designed in Australia and handmade in Hong Kong. The production team is led by a fourth generation Italian boot maker who uses traditional Italian techniques in the development of each Hobes style. Our founder regularly spends time in our factory working with the production team as we constantly revise and improve our production methods.

Sustainability is a key focus for us and we are working continually to ensure we reduce our environmental impact as much as possible not only through production, but in every single way we operate as a business.


Each pair of Hobes has been handmade with the finest materials we can source.

Our Leather range is made with very fine, unlined suede or napa leather. Whilst the majority of our leather comes from Italy, we do occasionally source from other countries for specific leather as we strive to find the best materials we can, to make the softest Hobes.

Our new Non Leather range has been produced with top quality microfibres, which have been sustainably produced. Synthetic leathers typically are not sustainable, and this is something we’ve worked hard to achieve through developing this new category. Our aim with this new range is to offer a leather alternative, using materials that are also water resistant and washable, whilst still carrying all the softness that is signature to Hobes.

Our Wooly Hobes and Wool Lined Chelsea Boot are produced with incredibly soft Australian lambswool, which has been sourced from the Hobes family farm in country Victoria.

To ensure Hobes are long lasting and to guarantee you can walk for miles and miles in ultimate comfort, we use lightweight, flexible rubber to produce our soles. Although thin, the rubber we use is highly durable, trust us when we say you won’t walk out these soles, ever. We’ve explored soles made from wood or leather, and at the end of the day, these materials have high maintenance and need to be re-soled (usually with rubber) over time.

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